Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's been a while...

I am looking forward to A Confident Heart.  I haven't done a bible study since finishing Greater.  I listened to God's call during that study and moved from Florida to Colorado.  It's been a great year. Busy, busy, busy but great.  I moved here Dec 27th and had to learn a new city, job, school...

I did a Beth Moore study after unsuccessfully trying to find a group but it became a coordination challenge and while I really, really love Beth Moore studies I decided to go back to the online so I can spend my time doing the study rather than the coordination to make the study happen.  I am enjoying kids ministry and am doing the women's study that is once a month at church.  I also was invited by a friend for her churches women's conferece this weekend and it was a lovely group of people.

So as you can see I havent' posted since last study. It still had a Christmas after a bit I finally got that fixed.  I look forward to a new journey!!

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