Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Well I will try again-  I decided it would coincide with doing the"unglued' online bible study and what a perfect chance to practice, drawing my line in the sand a little further ( or redrawing after June)...  Coming unglued... I wonder if the book that I just started  is going to more specifically guide on what to write/blog.  My goal in doing this is (going to be embarrasing!) to be transparent and to confess...  I do confess to the girls I work with but definitely mornings do not always bring out the most Jesus-like behavior and very sadly my son has heard way too many "fbombs" (hiding in all lower case) in my tirade.

But I AM GOING TO BE BETTER.  I want to not hypocritically tell my child to have self control and make good choices when I clearly am not doing so myslef!  God please help me to have more self control and patience....

Tonight i was racing trying to get to my study , haven't had a seconde sunday monday and now... I demand from my self to give this the committment it deserves.  Not to put pressure bu too realize  everything is better/clearere when spending time studying God's words and way

Help me stay focused God...I loved doing 40 days in the word and barely missed a day.

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