Friday, September 28, 2012

God needs nothing from me!

I enjoy somehting that requires me to daily engage.  Not that I don't want to but there are so many want to and have tos that it focuses my efforts.  I look forward to seeing the changes God brings to my life and patience over the next 6 weeks.

I am very aware of the fact that my business keeps me from feeling and hearing God a lot.  I'm so caught up in my'HAVE TOS'   that I unfortuantely never make it to what I REALLY have to daily.  and that is to prioritize my time to studying God before any other thing that SEEMS to take precidence.

Melissa Taylor's unglue bible study is fun.  Chapter two talks about perspective-- I feel like as I am typing (isn't funny how when you realize somehting you feel sort of silly for it seeming ly like a revelation in the first place??  I mean you already know it but  it just hasn't landed) I feel like I am being made to realize  my perspective on my daily time with God needs to change-  God does not need me to spend time learning and knowing HIM.  I can't prove anything!!!  I need to have the perspective taht I NEED IT, not him.  I DO NOT need to make HIM and item on a list.  I need to allow him to direct my list!!!!

Daily God make me realize you don't need me for anything.  You don't need me to do anything.  You want for me out of your love for me. period.

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