Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unglued-finding another way

boy there are days when it is hard!   Inf act there really seem to be few days that are easy.  I started (no too well a blodg afew months ago but life gets so busy.  I wrote an entry saying i'd try related to the is where eto be found.

But I am determined to not let LIFE rule mine...  I love knowing I'm not the only one who loves going to church bible study learning about God , encouraging others to allow for a relationship with God but in the midst of a chaotic, discombobulated , running late morning , or a mid day call from the school to come and assist with my  (suprise) poorly controled child- that (i say bad words.very bad)....and then feel like poop afterewards.  

At my best (worst) moments I liken myself to Chevey Chase in Christmas Vacation....where' the Tylenol??!

I love the idea that this part of me can be changed!!  I am ready God!!!

It's so good to realize my Jekel and Hyde personality is not alone and a pray my and the others working towards this,perservere through all the business and chaos of life.

Doiing the blog for me is a way to be outwardly accountable to try to prioritize ans stick to this study (as I sit in my pajamas, when someone will be arriving to my house with in 15 minutes (and my child is still in bed))  BUT THIS HAS TO BE A PRIORITY not an after thought.  

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